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At PRODIGY GAMING CLUB we offer you the following rates for the different services we provide:


Latest generation computers for the best and highest performance

Time Rate
1h 1,70€
3h 5€
6h 9,50€


Immerse yourself in the authentic action experience with our array of consoles

Time Rate
1h 1,50€


¡Prodigy! Ready to train?

Slot rate Time rate
3€ per seat per day
2,50€ / hour
4€ / 2h
10€ / 5h

Spot Prodigy

Don´t let anything stop you! Come, bring your laptop and share with your friends!

Time Rate
1h 1€
3h 2,50€


Join our club and enjoy the benefits!! come and discover them!!

Time Member rate
1h 0,85€
Bootcamp 1 hour 1,25€
Bootcamp 5 hour 6€


PRO/digies, Join forces!

From Monday to Thursday, 10h to 17h or 16:30 to 22:30h (for 5 persons)

Prodigy nights

Not all species need sunlight to fulfill their life cycle.

Schedule Slot rate
From 24:00h to 8h 13€
11€ (Prodigy Members)

Todos los días en Prodigy son de Promo!

De lunes a lunes!

11€ Desde 14:00h hasta 23:00h



9€ Desde 14:00h hasta 21:00h



9€ Desde 16:00h hasta 23:00h