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About us

Prodigy! We are the first and only Gaming Club in Spain with free access for all audiences who want to play like a PRO. In PRODIGY GAMING CLUB we are passionate about electronic sports, we like the adrenaline of competition, enjoy the satisfaction of improving our game, we never forget to have fun and indeed, we are very proud to be exponents of the gaming culture.

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What you will find

PRO/digy! We are obsessed with the latest technologies and their power to achieve the ultimate gaming experience. That´s why we offer an excellent service delivered by a great team. Come and try our latest technology equipment, coupled with speed of light internet to avoid interruptions and lags, high-end gaming peripherals, maximum comfort gaming chairs, all this and more… within the best environment!

The space


In PRODIGY GAMING CLUB we offer the following rates for the different services we provide: