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The Space

PRO/digy, we have different zones, all of them air-conditioned, to keep cool & have fun 360º

Get ready to enjoy the best experience in an unrivaled gaming environment!

PC Zone

Our state-of-the-art high performance computers are in a comfortable arrangement along with high-end peripherals and a high-speed internet to avoid interruptions or lags! coupled with lighting and designed to bring the gaming experience to the top.

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Bootcamp Zone

PRO/digy ¿do you need to review the game of your team, prepare a game, define strategies, rotations, compositions, analyze games or simply train skills that will help you to improve as a player? our bootcamp space awaits you! This area is equipped with means and resources that facilitate teaching and learning

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Events Zone

Come with your friends to enjoy our Prodigy Agora! A space in which you can experience the sensation of being in a professional event, right here at home!

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mouse prodigy gaming club
gamepad prodigy gaming club


Do you love consoles? US too! In this area every detail is designed for you to enjoy an exceptional experience in console games: esports monitors with low lag input, fast response time and serial rescaling. Comfortable controls and adequate illumination to enhance the gaming experience

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VR Zone

Coming Soon !

Lounge Zone

A recreational space in which to can share with friends, relax between games while enjoying E-Sports content on screens aligned with rest furniture